О Bison

Я клею только с Bison.
Whoever says adhesive, says Bison.
Whoever thinks Bison, thinks adhesive.
The brand recognition is almost 100%. Bison has been the market leader for decades in the adhesive and sealant sectors with a market share approaching 90% for some product groups.
Bison is in part the basis for every job because of the unparalleled product range. For (critical) do-it-yourselfers. Securing, repairing, assembling and sealing. Indoors, outdoors, in the garden, the caravan and on the boat.

Well-known products are Poly Max®, Montagekit, и Bison Kit®

Quality and Innovation
Opting for Bison means opting for quality. In order to be able to constantly guarantee excellent quality Bison employs a quality assurance system. This covers the entire process of incoming raw materials, production into the final product and delivery in accordance with prescribed and monitored procedures. This system has of course been ISO 9001 certified. This way, the user can be assured of quality.
Bison International
Bison is part of Bison International, worldwide supplier of high-quality adhesives and sealants for the professional and private markets. Furthermore, Bison International is the company behind Bison Professional, Griffon, Bostik (Italy) and Imedio. All of them undisputed A-brands with their own markets and segments. Everything about Bison International can be found on our corporate website.
Bison International has been part of the Bolton Group since 1996. Bolton Group produces and sells a series of high-quality consumer products, many of which are market leaders in their category. The portfolio contains some 40 product lines in the area of foodstuffs, detergents and cleaning products, products for personal hygiene and skin care, cosmetics, nappies and adhesives.
Read more about Bolton Group on their website.

Bison International’s sustainability policy
At Bison International, we believe that is it very important to continiously improve our products and to innovate. Well aware of the link between quality of work and the use of properly functioning products, we focus on consumer needs to create products that deliver on their promise.
This is both a challenge and a commitment for our company, in addition to our sustainability engagement. Indeed, we have always been creating environmentally sound & safe products. We also always keep in mind that using glue to repair something naturally helps to avoid waste.
As environmental awareness is central to our business, we apply measures in all areas — from product development and production processes, to usage and disposal by consumers. Bison International constantly finds ways to protect and improve conditions for the health of our employees, the environment and our millions of consumers worldwide. This is well illustrated by the fact that solvent emissions occurring during our production process are far below the legal limit.
Our sustainability policy is based on 4 important pillars:

  • Quality products
  • Innovative packaging
  • Clean factory
  • Inspiring people